FOCUS Podcast on dynamic integration

The FOCUS podcast discusses different aspects of dynamic integration in dialogue with civil society and research. Each 20-minute episode tackles another topic: from participatory and co-creative aspects to mental health and psychosocial support in dynamic integration.

FOCUS podcast III Hintergrund

Episode 4 – Challenges in integration research – key insights from FOCUS researchers

FOCUS podcast III Hintergrund

Episode 3 – Mental health and psychosocial support in dynamic integration (Part II)

FOCUS podcast III Hintergrund

Episode 2 – Mental health and psychosocial support in dynamic integration (Part I)

FOCUS podcast III Hintergrund

Episode 1 – Co-creative and participatory approaches to integration

Full research reports


January 2022

Cross-site analysis

Cross-site analysis of the quantative and qualitative research results across the four study sites, including a list of policy & practice recommendations


October 2021

Survey of arriving and receiving communities

Country-specific outcomes of the quantitative survey for each of the four study sites (Jordan, Croatia, Germany, Sweden)


January 2021

Qualitative field study

Comprehensive report on country-specific findings of the qualitative research


June 2019

Mapping of host community / refugee relations

In-depth and broad survey of the state-of-the-art on research, policy and practice on integration of refugees and host community relations


Other reports

Results and findings of integration practice case studies (February 2022)

Results from the FOCUS practice stream, including an outline of the FOCUS Approach to Dynamic Integration and case studies reviews from implementing partners in five EU countries

Research design and methodology (June 2019)

An outline of the methodology for the FOCUS field studies, covering both quantitative and qualitative dimensions of the research in the four countries


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