In the FOCUS podcast we discuss the different aspects of dynamic integration.

Episode 4 – Challenges in integration research, based on our Living Well Together Forum in January, is out now – enjoy!

The FOCUS Living Well Together Forum ‘Challenges of integration research’ took place on 26 January 2022. Between 2019 and 2021, FOCUS carried out extensive quantitative and qualitative research to explore acceptance and reality in relation to two-way dynamic integration in Jordan, Croatia, Germany and Sweden.

In this episode, FOCUS researchers discuss the challenges and methodological dilemmas of such an ambitious study.

[You can turn on subtitles by clicking the CC icon at the bottom of the video. A red line will appear under the icon when closed captions have been enabled.]

With the participation of:

  • Dana Abdel Fattah, Humboldt University Berlin
  • Nahikari Irastorza, Malmö University
  • Jana Kiralj, University of Zagreb
  • Steffen Schödwell, Charité University Hospital Berlin

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FOCUS website:

Other links and further reading:

UK Home Office Indicators of Integration framework 2019 report:

For the works of Samuel Parker see for example Parker, S. (2018). “It’s ok if it’s hidden”: The discursive construction of everyday racism for refugees and asylum seekers in Wales. Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, pp. 1-12.


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