FOCUS is designed to significantly increase our understanding of key dynamics in refugee / host community relations and to develop and test innovative solutions for social and labour market integration.


The overall aim of FOCUS is to make an impact on both research and practice by understanding and improving the dynamics of integration in Jordan, Croatia, Germany and Sweden, with a special emphasis on how psychological and social factors influence integration.

These countries have been selected to allow for a good comparison between Jordan as a first country of asylum/host, Croatia as a transit state, and Sweden and Germany as major destination countries for Syrian refugees.

  • FOCUS maps integration policies and practices and carries out major field studies at four research sites to learn more about the socio-psychological and socio-economic perceptions and realities of integration;
  • FOCUS identifies innovative practices for social and labour market integration and pilot-tests them with civil society and governmental organisations, making sure these match the needs of practitioners to support integration;
  • FOCUS engages with policy makers – from local to European level – to provide guidance on policy development and programme design.

This dialogue is supported by the FOCUS Community.

Project overview

What will be the results of this?

A common and bespoke research methodology for qualitative and quantitative research on integration

An improved understanding of the dynamics of refugee integration with a special emphasis on how psychological and social factors influence integration;

An online “Living well together Resource”, to promote the use of innovative integration practices, help evaluate their usefulness and support their adaptation to local needs

Guidance on “What matters and what works” in integration, addressing the needs of both practitioners and policy makers

A network of communities to foster the exchange of ideas and good practices, strengthened by regular public workshops and roundtables

And the timeline?

Timeline FOCUS

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 822401.

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