In 2015 and 2016, the EU experienced an unparalleled influx of refugees and migrants.

FOCUS – a research project on integration: How to live well together.

In 2015 and 2016, the EU experienced an unparalleled influx of refugees and migrants.

Although the number of refugees arriving in the EU is decreasing, the situation poses multiple challenges for social and health services and labour markets in the receiving countries as well as for the lives of the refugees.

FOCUS is an EU funded research project running from January 2019 to December 2021, led by the Red Cross’s Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support hosted by the Danish Red Cross with partners from nine countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark France, Germany, Ireland, Jordan and the United Kingdom).

Its overall aim is to make an impact on both research and practice by understanding and improving the dynamics of integration in Jordan, Croatia, Germany and Sweden. A special emphasis is put on identifying and capitalising on the psychological and social factors that foster successful integration and really help us to live well together.

Therefore, FOCUS will

  • Map integration policies and practices and carry out major field studies at four research sites;
  • Identify and pilot-test innovative practices for social and labour market integration and pilot-tests;
  • Engage with policy makers to provide guidance on policy development and programme design.

FOCUS in a nutshell –  get an overview of the project by watching our video.

#COVID19 does not care about nationality or ethnicity, faction or faith. It attacks all, relentlessly.

Meanwhile, armed conflict rages on around the world and the most vulnerable pay the highest price.

That's why I'm calling for an immediate global ceasefire.

Due to the #coronavirus outbreak and the related developments we have to cancel our Annual Practitioner Forum scheduled for 13/14 May in #Zagreb. We are working with @EUSDR PA5 on an alternative date in autumn and will announce it soon.

Leave No-One Behind! In the middle of the #Covid19 pandemic, let's keep in mind vulnerable groups and those already affected by other humanitarian emergencies placing them in acutely precarious situations.
#refugees #MentalHealthMatters #FocusForRefugees

A new version of the 'Sesame Street' for refugee children, “Ahlan Simsim” (“Welcome Sesame”), has started airing in the US:
The show will focus on managing emotions and trauma. #integration #education #tv #popculture #goodpractice #FOCUSforRefugees

Have you seen the FOCUS flyer yet? To learn what the project aims at achieving and how we're going to do this, click here: #FOCUSforRefugees #refugee #migrants #immigration #immigrants #integration #MigrantIntegrationEU #migrationresearch

Upcoming mental health training opportunities. Applications welcome. Red Cross Red Crescent Movement wide policy on MHPSS adopted. New research on MHPSS for volunteers. Job opening at PS Centre.

New PS Centre newsletter just published. Read more here:

"Making Migration and Integration Policies Future Ready" was the title of yesterday's @OECD High-Level Policy Forum in Paris. Check out the Executive Summary here: #FutureOfMigration @OECD_Social

Migration is about human beings & their drive for better lives. #OECD High Level Policy Forum on #Migration & #Integration can help turn migration into a win-win for migrants & host countries. We need all on board: policymakers, civil society, social partners, academia & migrants

@A_Gurria @OECD @OECD_Stat @stescarpetta @CitiesMigration @PopulationEU @SwissmissionEU @liebig_thomas @GKoumoutsakos @AWidmannMauz @ICMPD @suleymansoylu @CCastaner @CatalfoNunzia @HelenClarkUNDP @migrationsystem @JonathanChaloff @MigrationPolicy @UNmigration @MigObs @ICMigrations @OECD_Centre To address the #FutureOfMigration, how can governments prepare for the unexpected?
▶️ Make objectives more flexible
▶️ Form new partnerships
▶️ Seize potential of big data + technology
▶️ Increase capacity building
Learn more here 👉 #FutureOfMigration

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 822401.

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