In 2015 and 2016, the EU experienced an unparalleled influx of refugees and migrants.

FOCUS – a research project on integration: How to live well together.

In 2015 and 2016, the EU experienced an unparalleled influx of refugees and migrants.

Although the number of refugees arriving in the EU is decreasing, the situation poses multiple challenges for social and health services and labour markets in the receiving countries as well as for the lives of the refugees.

FOCUS is an EU funded research project running from January 2019 to December 2021, led by the Red Cross’s Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support hosted by the Danish Red Cross with partners from nine countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark France, Germany, Ireland, Jordan and the United Kingdom).

Its overall aim is to make an impact on both research and practice by understanding and improving the dynamics of integration in Jordan, Croatia, Germany and Sweden. A special emphasis is put on identifying and capitalising on the psychological and social factors that foster successful integration and really help us to live well together.

Therefore, FOCUS will

  • Map integration policies and practices and carry out major field studies at four research sites;
  • Identify and pilot-test innovative practices for social and labour market integration and pilot-tests;
  • Engage with policy makers to provide guidance on policy development and programme design.

FOCUS in a nutshell –  get an overview of the project by watching our video.

We're launching our series of research & policy briefs! Number 1 is out today: Learn more on current views, needs and knowledge gaps of senior professionals in #refugee #integration. #FOCUSforRefugees #migrationresearch #MigrantIntegrationEU #immigration

The World Migration Report 2018 has been widely used to counter racist and xenophobic messages on social media.

You can download the #WMR2020 here:


Integration in the German labour market works better than experts expected: But #integration is not only about employment. Learn how #FOCUSforRefugees addresses the #psychosocial dimension of integration: #migrantresearch

The last #H2020 calls in the area of Inclusive Societies (Migration, Transformation & Governance) are open from Nov 5 - March 12, 2020): ARTTIC is happy to support with proposal writing, project management & communications. Get in touch via

The EU's #Horizon2020 research programme makes migration a priority: A total of 29 million Euro will be allocated to address various dimensions of #migrant #integration. For the year 2020, calls for proposals open in November: #FOCUSforRefugees

Today, the FOCUS team met for a workshop at the @ARTTIC_RTD premises in Munich, Germany. In the centre of the discussions: community engagement. Thank you @Q4 and @IFRC_PS_Centre for your valuable input today. #FOCUSforRefugees

In FOCUS newsletters we give updates on the project status and an outlook on what's ahead. We announce events and introduce consortium members. If you're interested in #integration, #migrantresearch and #refugeeinclusion, sign up here: #FOCUSforRefugees

So proud, because we just published our first newsletter:! Solidarity between #refugees and members of #HostCommunities is the main goal of #FOCUSforRefugees. Let us show you how we approach this goal & sign up for our newsletter:

Wrapping up day 2 of our second Consortium Meeting. Thanks to the participation of all partners we move ahead with the research work: planning field studies and building the FOCUS community. More working meetings planned. Safe travels to all! #FOCUSforRefugees #migrationresearch

Day 1 of our second Consortium Meeting was busy and successful: The questionnaires for the field studies were put to the test. Key statements were collected by the team from @ChariteBerlin as basis for discussion. Our résumé: #FOCUSforRefugees is going strong. Tomorrow more.

FOCUS project partners are getting ready for the second Consortium Meeting. This time, we concentrate on preparing the field studies and choosing the right strategies for the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. #FOCUSforRefugees #MigrationResearch #integration

Today's #FollowFriday goes out to "Cities of Migration" @CitiesMigration: This international project showcases innovative ideas on #immigrant #integration from cities across the 🌍. #FOCUSforRefugees @GDXryerson @RyersonU

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 822401.