In 2015 and 2016, the EU experienced an unparalleled influx of refugees and migrants.

FOCUS: A research project on integration

How to live well together

FOCUS in a nutshell

FOCUS is an EU funded research project running from January 2019 to June 2022, led by the Red Cross’s Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support hosted by the Danish Red Cross with partners from nine countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark France, Germany, Ireland, Jordan and the United Kingdom).

It aims to make an impact on both research and practice by understanding and improving the dynamics of integration in Jordan, Croatia, Germany and Sweden. A special emphasis is put on identifying and capitalising on the psychological and social factors that support integration and really help us to live well together.

Therefore, FOCUS

  • Maps integration policies and practices and carry out major field studies at four research sites;
  • Identifies and pilots innovative practices for social and labour market integration and pilot-tests;
  • Engages with policy makers to provide guidance on policy development and programme design.

CfA: We're hosting a PhD and PostDoc workshop entitled "Values in an imperfect world: Migration ethics and non-ideal conditions", 25-27 May 2021.

Deadline for applications: 28 March 2021.

The 'Reimagining refugee camps' event today (3pm CET) will include a clip from the new documentary film by @Raphael_B_ & @alexander_betts. We encourage you to watch the full film before the event!

Watch the film:

Join the event:

Do you want to join #RfC but you're running out of time?⏰ Don't worry about that!
🟢 Deadline abstrac proposals extended until 31th March.

New report by @RedCrossAU out now: "Locked down and left out? Why access to basic services for migrants is critical to our COVID-19 response and recovery". #FOCUSforRefugees

Why are certain migrant groups at risk when it comes to mental health? What barriers to care do they face? And how might specific policies help support survivors of torture?

Join our next #MHForAll webinar to find out ➡️

The @Einstein_Berlin “Academic Freedom Programme” aims to support scientists and researchers from regions that experience restrictions of research. If you are conducting excellent research in #migration and #diaspora, apply until 22 March:

How has lockdown affected students from arriving communities? A knowledge-exchange workshop for NGOs & practitioners (Thu, 18 Mar, 15–18 CET) considers ongoing international research on newly arrived in the UK and across Europe: #integration

😍What a great way to end this week: #FOCUSforRefugees gained its 200th follower today - we're delighted. Thank you, Twitter community! More info about FOCUS: #followermilestone #integration

On Wednesday, March 3rd at 1PM CET, Ea Suzanna Akasha & Sarah Harrison, technical advisers at the IFRC Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support, will have a livestream talk about managing ambiguity in relation to #COVID19.

Watch it on: @ifrc

#MHPSS #MentalHealth #PSCentre

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 822401.

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